#22 In Form (TOTW)


#22 In Form (TOTW)

1 Card Size
  • Small (A4) – 29cm high x 18cm wide and 3mm thick.
  • Medium (A3) – 42cm high x 26cm wide and 5mm thick.
  • Large (A2) – 59cm high x 39cm wide and 5mm thick.
2 Player Image
  • Images should be taken in good lighting conditions (not at night or in dark rooms)
  • Images should not be taken from Facebook, Instagram or another website or app as images on those services are compressed and lose quality.
  • Screenshots would also not be high enough resolution and quality.
  • If you didn’t take the images yourself and need to get them from someone else, ask them to email the image at full size to you as messaging services like WhatsApp or iMessage also compress images and make them lower quality.
  • The player’s head to chest & shoulders should fill as much of the original picture as possible.
  • Images should not be cropped.
  • The background should be as plain as possible and the colour of the background should ideally contrast the player.
  • You should ensure you have the relevant permissions to use all images you provide and any misuse is your responsibility.

Example of a photo that will produce good results:

Images will be professionally edited by the design team. The preview is not a true representation of what the finished product will look like.
3 Main Details
5 Club Badge
Upload an image of the badge of the team you would like to appear on the card.
4 Stats

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