About Us

Where it all began...

Sportify was born back in April 2018 when Toby (Founder) was coaching his son’s football team but was going to be giving that up. He was looking for a unique gift for each of the players to present them at the end of season awards. His son was very in to playing FIFA and he had the idea of creating personalised football cards for each of them, similar to the FUT cards available in the game. After a search around Toby couldn’t find anything that was quite what he wanted so created them himself with the help of a local print & graphics company. The feedback from all the parents and the rest of the club was superb so he decided to turn that in to a business and offer it to the rest of the world! Since then, it’s not just him working in the business on his own any longer and Sportify no longer use the external printing company - that’s all done in-house and we are continuing to enjoy creating these fabulous personalised cards for all of our great customers!

What makes Sportify unique...

The quality and the service. We have done extensive research on the best materials to use. Not just the type of material, but which variation and brand of that material as there is still a lot of difference and we are confident that we are using the best there is! We are also very keen to offer a service that is exceptional. Always responding in a timely and friendly manner and being as helpful as we can to make every single customer's experience with Sportify the best it can be. We have compared the quality of our cards to others and ours are certainly the best (if we may say so ourselves, but we are proud!). Another unique point for us is that we do not outsource our print or fulfilment works. That is all done in-house and gives us better control over quality and timescales and enables us to be more flexible to better meet customer requests.

Brand values and beliefs...

We believe our customers should get the product they have paid for, in the timeframe we have committed to. Simple as that! Our aim is always to put smiles on faces when the packages get opened and to exceed expectations wherever possible.

Customers should choose us because... 

Our quality is the best, our support is timely and friendly. We care. We're Sportify!

Meet the team

  • Toby


    The part you play: 

    I help out wherever help is needed to keep our service and quality at the top! I also manage the marketing, recruitment and logistics.

    One quirky fact about you: 

    I started my first business age 17 selling surfing gear online from as far away from decent consistent surf as you can get… the East Coast! My mum didn’t appreciate me making surf wax in the kitchen so that business came to an end after a year or so but it was a great insight in to business.

  • Hettie

    Print Technician

    The part you play: 

    Once the order has been designed, I do the rest!

    One quirky fact about you: 

    I don’t actually have a sporting hobby so don’t have my own Sportify card - not sure a shopping one would work! My kids have enough to make up for it though...

  • David


    The part you play: 

    Photoshop wizardry! Once your order is placed, I pick it up and create your personalised design.

    One quirky fact about you: 

    I have played Football since I was 3 years old and have been designing for 6 years so it was a great decision I made to unite the 2 passions and design sports related cards.

  • Nil


  • Ángel



We create personalised sports related boards covering Football, Rugby, Tennis, Netball. Gymnastics and many more. We also make custom requests and have worked with customers to produce them with props for their Wedding Speeches, surprises for their pets and all sorts! We are always happy to try and bring customers’ ideas to life. We also work with a lot of football teams to provide their players with a memorable award and gift at the end of the season as a great alternative to the standard trophy.