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    1. Download our Bulk Excel Form and complete all the details for each card.
    2. Upload the completed Bulk Excel Form below.
    3. Upload the team badge image below.
    4. Upload the player images below.
    5. Select the quantity of cards needed for this order and then proceed to checkout.

    • (max file size 11 MB)

    • (max file size 11 MB)

    • (max file size 11 MB)

    Please read our image guidelines before uploading to ensure you get the best quality our of your Sportify Card.

    We will remove the background from the image so it ends up as a cut out of the player.

    ANDROID USERS: Some Android users are having problems with the upload buttons. If they are not working for you, you can continue without adding the images. You will then receive a confirmation email, which you can reply to and attach your images to that email.

    I confirm I have reviewed the image guidelines and am happy the image provided is suitable and I have all relevant permissions to use the images provided.

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